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Hailing from Dubai and representing Toronto, Rehan is a 23 year old A&R who has spent the past 4 years being a student in the game from Majors, to distributors to his home right now, Love Renaissance (LVRN Records). As a graduate from Berklee, Rehan majored in Music Production and Engineering & Music Business with minors in commercial record production and audio post production.


With a portfolio of work from Summer Walker, Eli Derby, North Ave Jax to many more, Rehan’s engineering experience is extensive in the short amount of time he’s spent in the industry. Humility, persistence and an unmatched work ethic is what makes him an asset to any team in the industry and his service to LVRN as their youngest and only Lead Engineer, Radio Show Producer and A&R is testament to the potential he holds.


Serving his own label and roster of 5, Rehan’s A&R approach is focused on timeless music and pushing the creative needle forward be it as an engineer, mastering engineer, A&R or Producer. Externally, he assists music industry mogul, Amal Noor in her management and A&R endavours with Teezo Touchdown. He also manages an upcoming producer, Zach Bahn and the industry’s next greatest mix engineer, Ben De Soto who has already racked plenty of LVRN’s releases along with many more independently. With a unique skill set, a focused approach to artistry and a rolodex of producers, writers and industry professionals, Rehan brings something to the table that many others are still fighting to sit at.

"I can provide value to you where needed and create value for you where you don't know you need"

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Zach Bahn

From Denver, Colorado and a graduate student from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Zach is a producer and instrumentalist pushing the boundaries of contemporary music with foundations in classical and world percussion.

Taking huge inspiration from Hip Hop, R&B, and the electronic genre as a kid, he’s developed sounds from the likes of artists such as D’Angelo, J Dilla, and Flume. At the age of 20, Zach is ready for opportunities and always ready to do what it takes to make it no matter what to produce commercial records that shift the needle.

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Benjamin DeSoto Mayor

Ben DeSoto Mayor is an American producer and audio engineer. Following in the footsteps of legendary mixers such as Serban Ghenea and Manny Marroquin, Ben captures the artist’s vision and emotion to craft the sonics of a record.


Representing the new generation of audio engineers & musicians, Ben has a multifaceted and nuanced approach to every record he works on. Having worked with artists signed to UMG China, RCA, Capitol, LVRN, Wolf & Rothstein and many more, Ben always delivers in both end product and professionalism.  

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selected work


(Recording Engineer)

Summer Walker has dropped a remix of her sultry single “No Love” with an assist from Cardi B. The original single, which also features SZA, appears on Walker’s Still Over It, released in November.

On the remix, Cardi B — who provided narration on Still Over It‘s opening track, “Bitter,” offering advice about staying true to oneself — shows her vulnerable side as she takes the opening verse. “I just wanna be everything you need/I wish you could see how you hurting me,” she sings. “I got no more love, this time, I’m done with that/I’m thinkin’ of ways that I can hurt you back.”


The track eschews emotional entanglements in a toxic relationship, opting to keep things “all lust,” with Walker telling her partner on the chorus, “there will be no lovin’ you.”


(Producer, Recording Engineer, A&R)

Inspired by her Jamaican and Canadian roots, Nia Ashleigh is an up-and-coming R&B artist from Newark, NJ. Having made her debut as Nala in The Lion King on Broadway at age 10, Nia then went on to sing for greats such as Dionne Warwick, Clive Davis, and Andra Day.


Nia Ashleigh aims to redefine the boundaries of commercial R&B with influences from Jazmine Sullivan and Teyanna Taylor. With narratives rooted in truth, Nia is excited to share her story with the world.


With only 1 single out, over 15K streams, and a spotlight from Spotify’s editorial team (Fresh Finds: The Wave), Nia has a bright future ahead of her with an upcoming EP scheduled for 2022. Managed and Developed by MM Entertainment, Nia holds much promise for a very exciting 2022. 


NoonieVsEverbody made his introduction to the masses through his appearance on last year's LVRN Cypher with 6LACK, Westside Boogie, and others.


At the time, the 17-year-old Cleveland-based rapper wasn't well-known among the hip-hop community. Love Renaissance is known for strong artist development though and it looks like it's time to officially roll out Noonie's first single, "Loyalty."


Singing straight from the heart, Noonie's debut single deals largely with the hardship that the teenager has needed to overcome in his young life, including the incarceration of his father, the dangers of urban Cleveland, and his perpetual suspensions from school. 

(Recording Engineer)

Lil Durk's new album 7220 is finally here, and so is his new collaboration with the lovely Summer Walker.

On Friday, March 11, Durk and the "Ex For A Reason" singer released their song "Difference Is," which debuts today as iHeart's latest World Premiere. Produced by AyeTM & TouchofTrent, the song appears to be inspired by his own relationship with his fiancée India Royale with lyrics that seem to describe how he feels about her. Summer Walker chimes in with a beautiful verse towards the end.


Love Renaissance continues to move the culture, announcing the launch of Love Renaissance Radio on Sirius XM’s The Heat. The Atlanta-based independent record label, management, and multi-media company will host their show on Wednesdays at 10pm ET.

The radio show will be hosted by LVRN Co-founder/Head of A&R Justice Baiden, producer/DJ/cultural curator Kitty Ca$h and music executive Amber Grimes.

Engineered, Produced  by LVRN's own, Rehan Manickam, the show has featured special guests from YK Osiris, Novwava, Westside Boogie, 6lack, Summer Walker, Alex Vaughn, DVSN, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox and many more.


After signing with LVRN last October, Maryland native Alex Vaughn makes her official introduction with her debut single “Mirage.”On the pensive track, Vaughn comes to her senses after realizing the man she has been with was never good for her. Instead, she was falling in love with a fantasy. 

“Damn near perfect / Beautiful you are / Or is it just a mirage? / You’ve got me in the desert dry / But seeing waterfalls / Someone save me / I’m on the verge of falling,” Vaughn sings on the reflective tune. She later tells

herself, “Stop hallucinating over lame ass niggas.” 


Vaughn also mentioned that “Mirage” is the song that helped her get a deal with LVRN/Interscope Records. “It’s wild to know that my most vulnerable moments [are] what really make people really connect. [To be honest], I would’ve never called this one but I’m so happy we’re here. Don’t hoard your ideas! Share them [with] the world!”

(Recording Engineer)

Westside Boogie knows he’s toxic, but he’s working on it. Toxicity—especially when it comes to relationships—is nothing new in hip-hop, though it’s become something of a meme over the past decade.


And though Boogie hasn’t reached Future levels of performative irony just yet, unpacking the tribulations of love and his time immersed in California gang culture is central to the Compton rapper’s music. Every sepia-toned memory of friends lost, like 2014’s “Still Be Homies,” is matched by the petty romantic squabbles of 2016’s “Two Days” or “Nigga Needs,” with Boogie unafraid to be the complicated antihero of his own story.

NORTH AVE JAX - TRUST NOBODY (Mastering Engineer)

“Long-term, I just want to be a global superstar,” said the Burlington native who’s making it in the music world under the stage name North Ave Jax. “I want to be able to travel the world.”


His dreams have always been big, but the 20-year-old didn’t always feel like he had a chance to reach those dreams. Then an executive for an imprint of a major label, Interscope Records, discovered Sevakian’s music and flew him to the label’s home base in Atlanta the next day to sign him to a deal.

Now, he presents a scorching signature style of his own on “Trust Nobody.” The production fuses slick 808s and ethereal guitars. Vocally, he flips between buoyant verses and a hypnotic hook where he laments “Why the fuck can I not trust nobody? I feel like I’m all alone. I don’t know what’s going on.” He takes the pain of betrayal and makes it powerfully catchy. 

ASMÉ FT. BRI JOI - TRUST ISSUES (A&R, Vocal Producer, Recording Engineer)